Law Banning Plastic Balls
Posted: 2015-10-23. Categories: California, Food

Did you know California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill banning microbeads. Hurrah for us.  Apparently, they have been putting little plastic beads in personal care items, no one told me.

I’m having a really hard time wrapping my mind around this one.  We have been begging them to ban GMO’s or at the very least, label them, so we can choose what we eat. Then they come out and outright ban an item that I didn’t even know was being used.

Of course to be very fair, I use very little “personal care items” and for the past two years those have been organic. I can’t believe they ever let people use this stuff.  This is the sneakiest, dirtiest, most underhanded thing I’ve ever heard of.  Watch this, tell me that I’m crazy.

So, people that are trying to be green, might not be so green, if they are using products with this crap.  It’s important that you pay attention to what’s going into and on your body.

To date, trillions of the tiny beads, most measuring less than a millimeter wide, have ended up in lakes, rivers and streams across the country as well as in the world’s ocean. Ultimately some of these plastic particles wind up in your body since they are often mistaken for food by fish (they look similar to fish eggs) and are also ingested by wildlife. [Read more…]

I really would like to thank Gov. Jerry Brown for signing AB 888 into law – now would you please sign a bill that bans the use of GMO’s in our food?  We are all getting sick and it’s his fault for allowing it.

It’s every legislator, every public official that we will hold accountable for allowing toxins such as microbeads, and toxic weather bombs, otherwise known as chemtrails. Let’s not forget glyphosate, aluminum in the vaccines and mercury in our teeth. Don’t even get me started on Fukushima. The list is endless! We are being systematically poisoned with each passing day.

Do the math.  How many days until you get sick?  Think about it.  It’s all cumulative. You might not be sick today, or tomorrow – maybe next week.  With the stuff they are spraying in the air, many will die this winter, because our bodies are getting weaker all the time.

Will you please join with me and tell your legislators that enough is enough?  Write them, call them, facebook them, better still: go see them. Tell them we demand that people be held accountable.  We need to demand that the FDA gets closed down. The only thing they are doing is harassing those who are trying to heal others and protecting the machine of big industry.  I for one have had enough.


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