Switching to Non-GMO’s
Posted: 2015-10-11. Categories: Food

You’ve seen it a thousand times, this is bad for you, that’s bad for you. You know you need to make a change but how? Our family struggles too, from eating too much fast food, to struggling with the effects of toxic chemicals.

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When you can barely afford to keep food on the table, what do you do? I’ve always been a sale shopper, I like a good deal and I getting pretty excited about saving a few dollars. The very first thing we did was to buy some chickens and feed them only organic feed. Now, not everyone can have their own chickens but if you can. Go for it.

More and more people are raising chickens these days, find someone to buy eggs from.  Eggs are washed and coated with various things that are not healthy.  You might find a feather or a little pooh on our eggs, but they are protected by the bloom.  Do not buy eggs that have been tampered with (washed/coated).

Some states require that all eggs receive a chlorine bath and mineral oil coating before they are nestled into their cartons.

There are vast differences in how eggs are processed and handled, even under the “certified organic” label.  [Read more…]

The next thing we changed, was our butter.  We buy only grass-fed or organic butter. If you check around you can find it on sale. When you find it, stock up, buy as much as you can afford.  The toxins build up first in the fatty parts of animals.  So, we try to buy the only the purest forms of fat.  Which is why butter is so important.

If you aren’t buying raw milk, you are really missing out.  I grew up drinking raw milk and I loved it.  For years I didn’t drink milk because it made my stomach hurt, I thought I was lactose intolerant. I was allergic to the pasteurization process, and probably the pus found in commercial milk. I would advise anyone not to buy the milk in the store.  Organic milk is okay but some people may still have an issue with it. If I couldn’t get raw milk, I wouldn’t buy milk. Period.

chose-wiselyStart small, make the changes that make sense to your family.  You don’t have to be rich to eat well and reap the benefits of health, but you do have to change the way you think about food and change the way you eat. We got rid of the cable, cut back on electricity and we eat out less.  The good news is we feel better. We are in better spirits mentally than we have been.

Every change you make is one step closer to taking your life back.  Some of us have issues with soda, some energy drinks, heck some people, like me are still smoking. GASP  We all make choices. It is those very same choice that will allow us to live cancer free or be riddled with disease.  It’s your choice.  It’s my choice. Choose Wisely!


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