Sugar, sugar everywhere!
Posted: 2016-02-12. Categories: Food

When I was growing up my grandmother was a very shrewd shopper. I remember we always had Watkins brand items around the house. We used Watkins liniment. Kind of strange the things we remember from our childhood, but that liniment was used almost everyday. I grew up using their lotions and the vanilla — always Watkins Pure Vanilla Extract.

English: Vanilla: 6 beans

Vanilla: 6 beans

I have been dabbling with the idea of becoming a Watkins consultant, I think my grandmother would like that. So, I thought I’d check them out. It would be a good companion business that I could manage and our son could man on Wednesdays and Saturdays while he’s at Mountain People Organics. Since Shawn and Zack are their manning our booth for SaferPC.

Watkins Pure Vanilla Extract

Watkins Pure Vanilla Extract

I’m so disappointed.

The reviews were funny. …the best vanilla I’ve ever tasted… type stuff. The ingredients are: Pure vanilla extract [water, alcohol (35%), extractive of Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans], glucose syrup.

Gee, I don’t put syrup in my vanilla extract, do you? Yeah I’ll bet it does TASTE good, but do we really need vanilla with syrup in it? NO! We have too much sugar in our diets as it is. Not only that but it’s bottled in plastic and our family is trying to avoid buying plastic anything.

Sorry Watkins. I’ll keep checking. I really am bummed out because it seems like every company I grew up with has sold out. I’m hoping this isn’t the case with all their items.  Don’t worry you’ll hear about it.  Stay tuned.

I’ve started making my own vanilla extract with vodka from Russia, bourbon from Italy (you can also use rum) and vanilla beans from Madagascar. I was able to buy them in bulk from Frontier and saved a bundle.

I was going to recommend their organic line but…

Watkins has discontinued it’s line of certified organic herbs and spices – Watkins, America’s original, natural products company has been the pioneer in spices and extracts for over 100 years. The same company that has brought you award winning all-natural Madagascar bourbon vanilla extract and spices has discontinued our line of USDA certified 100% organic herbs and spices. However, Watkins natural, pure herbs and spices in beautiful trademark gold medal tins are available in both the US and Canada.

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