Eco-friendly burials
Posted: 2016-06-18. Categories: Big Ticket, Hospitality Industry

Why should you consider an eco-friendly burial?

English: Natural Burial Ground Looking along L...

Natural Burial Ground Looking along Loughborough Road

I guess that all depends on what your objective is. Certainly, it’s cheaper than buying a casket, a vault and embalming. Don’t forget the funeral parlor, the directors services and all the extras. It can run you well over $10,000.

Did you know there are alternatives? In Traverse City, MI there is small section of Peninsula Township Cemetery reserved for non-conventional burials. There are no concrete vaults, no metal caskets, no tombstones indicating a gravesite — just grass. Read about it…

Did you know crematoriums use a massive amount of energy? It takes two to three hours at 1,800 degrees to cremate a single body – emitting hundreds of pounds of carbon dioxide in the process. It also vaporizes mercury from tooth fillings. Read more…

America’s first green conservation burial ground— The Ramsey Creek Preserve in Westminster, South Carolina — was opened in 1998. Now there are more than 120 cemeteries across the U.S. that offer eco-friendly services. They range from hybrid cemeteries – conventional cemeteries that have converted part of their land for green burials – to conservation burial grounds – a natural burial ground that also acts as a wildlife preserve. Read more…

The bible does say, “Ashes to ashes; Dust to dust.”

For a burial to be considered green it must meet three requirements set by the Green Burial Council: the body cannot be preserved with traditional embalming fluid, man-made vaults are prohibited and only biodegradable burial containers or shrouds can be used.

We are surrounded by chemicals, we live in a toxic soup, how any of us manage to escape getting cancer is beyond me. But that’s another post.

I love the idea of giving back to nature, the way God intended. As a Christian, maybe I shouldn’t care what they do with my body, but I do investigate.  See if a natural burial is in your future.

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