Unfair Business Practices Online
Posted: 2019-01-04. Categories: Amazon, Online Services, Product Reviews

Today, I want to talk about the stuff you’ve ordered and never returned, but should have.  You know what I’m talking about.  Not only do companies pay good money to have their products tested, they want their products to make it to the warranty period, but not much further.

When dealing with Amazon, I like to deal directly with Amazon and not normally the individual company.  Amazon will generally do whatever I want, and often they will let me keep the defective item, which I can sometimes use for parts.  🙂

How do I know this?  I’ve been taken myself.  I ordered this lovely nebulizer from Amazon. It worked great for about a month, then it didn’t.  It just decided to quit one day.  So, I called the company, they said, “Yes, they were aware of the problem, and they will be shipping a replacement as soon as they are redesigned, probably a couple of months.”

I said that would be fine.  True to their word, it was about two months when the replacements showed up.  They had sent me two, as replacement, I thought that was awfully nice of them. Until, just like before, after 30 days or so, they just quit.  I had been duped.  They sent me the exact same product.  I couldn’t complain to Amazon because it was outside of their return policy period and I had accepted the replacement deal from the vendor, so as far as they were concerned, they had fulfilled their obligation to me.

I am now the disappointed owner of three non-functional nebulizers.  I’m tempted to take them apart and see if I can fix them. It’s just electronics right?

Many companies will send a replacement if you agree not to leave a bad review on Amazon.  My best advice, always deal directly with Amazon and if it doesn’t perform as promised, give Amazon a call, they stand behind the products they sell.

That’s just one of the drawbacks of online shopping.

It looked like this, but not exactly and it was made by another company.


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