About Retail Bandit

This site was created in an attempt to provide much needed information to consumers, who more often than not are at the mercy of unscruptulous or careless shopping centers only out to make an unhonest buck at their expense.

Retail Bandit, (previously Off The Shelf) began as a small article in the Patriot section of ReliableAnswers.com, discussing the Michigan Scanner Law and how the law is applied to retailers and consumers.  Reader response was so great that several more articles were published, until we realized Off The Shelf needed a permanent home.

Are you sick and tired?

Tired of being over-charged? Taken to the cleaners? Flimflammed, ripped off, bamboozled, hornswoggled and cheated at the check-out counter? You are in good company.

It’s time consumers join together and fight back. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of being overcharged and ill-treated by retail establishments. We spend untold billions of dollars each year shopping and we are taken advantage of and treated as nothing more than pond scum. With today’s tough market conditions, many retailers have forgotten who pays their salaries and the old adage, “The customer is always right,” has all but been forgotten.

Retail Bandit advocates responsible purchasing practices. We encourage you to shop, maybe not where you can get the lowest advertised prices but the best service and a fair shake. Keep in mind that just because a store may advertise low low prices, that doesn’t mean you are actually paying the lowest price. Many stores have inadequate pricing practices, which end up costing you the consumer more, instead of saving you money!

Be a wise consumer, check back often to find retailers who won’t take you to the cleaners and if you have an occasion where you were treated unfairly, tell us about it.

Check your Receipts

Please note that I am not an attorney and I do not provide legal advice. I am simply a citizen, just like you who is sick of paying more than I should at the store. I am a first class bargain hunter, who loves to get a good deal. With the cost of everything going up, those of us trying to raise a family are hard pressed to make ends meet each month.

Michigan Scanner Law Overview

Michigander’s are still being ripped off at the grocery store, despite the Michigan Scanner Law, which was enacted in 1976, with a great deal of fanfare, I might add, which affords recourse to buyers who are overcharged at the check out counter.

Michigan is the only state that I am aware of who has made any attempt to protect consumers from scanner errors. This law provides a “bounty” to shoppers who are overcharged.

The law reads, in part:

“…a buyer who suffers loss because the price charged for the item is more than the price stamped on or affixed to the item shall notify the seller in person or in writing that the price charged is more than the price stamped or affixed. The notice shall include evidence of the loss suffered by the buyer. If, within 2 days after the notification, the seller tenders to the buyer an amount equal to the difference between the price stamped or affixed and the price charged, plus an amount equal to 10 times that difference but which is not less than $1.00 or more than $5.00, the buyer is barred from any further recovery for that loss.”

The author of this site is not an attorney and does not practice law in Michigan or any other state. Any opinions expressed here are just that – opinion. If you have a legal issue, please contact an attorney for legal advice.