Why should you consider an eco-friendly burial? I guess that all depends on what your objective is. Certainly, it’s cheaper than buying a casket, a vault and embalming. Don’t forget the funeral parlor, the directors services and all the extras. It can run you well over $10,000. Did you know there are alternatives? In Traverse […]

We bought two Dr. Heater USA units. We thought it was a good deal since they were half the price of Eden Pure. About 6-months after we purchased the units, one of them started acting up. It just wouldn’t stay on and every once in while it would get really loud.

I called Costco there prices were a little more to my liking, $49. for glasses and $89. for contacts. The doctor was very professional and through.

Our Tribeca is nearly a year old and I wanted to give you an update. First, I have to say overall I love it but there are a few little things I wish I had known before I purchased it. Okay, so the third row seating is tight; to be fair, we never use it anyway. If […]

I’ve been watching the commercials and they make this look so good, I just had to try it.  Of course I want the Dyson DC41 Animal but the one I want costs $599.00 and that’s a lot for a vacuum. The Shark Navigator Lift-Away sells for $179.99 – a little more than I wanted to pay – but I […]

Costco offers an incredible deal on zt Systems intel Core i7, sporting 12GB of memory and a 2.0 TB hard drive. The system is dual monitor capable, out of the box. On the surface, the system appears to deliver on all levels: The ZT Affinity 7625Mi Desktop PC features the 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i7-2600 […]

I can’t prove it but I’d all but swear on a Bible that something is very fishy and downright wrong at the major financial company who is financing our new Subaru Tribeca. We were just charged a $15.00 late fee because our car payment didn’t go through our credit union account. Guess why? The last […]

Today my husband shared a link on Facebook to an article posted on Web Host Industry Review that should send a chill up the spine of any business owner. TV Show Creators Sue Host, Say Data Center Worker Deleted Data According to a report appearing Thursday on PC World, the creators of a children’s TV […]

When my husband suggested we order a new iPhone accessory called, “In Your Face,” I really didn’t think too much of it. He is always finding accessories and tools that he believes we will find useful in our everyday lives.

I would love to be able to write a totally unbiased review of our 2011 Subaru Tribeca, but who am I kidding? I’ve wanted to own a Tribeca since the first time I saw a Tribeca commercial over ten years ago. Our last vehicle was a 1999 Subaru Outback that has served us well and […]

Trusting, loyal, Amazon shoppers might think twice about ordering from the online store giant after current changes hide “special” pricing. As one of those loyal customers, who prefers the ease of free shipping — rather than braving the local brick and mortar store fronts. I have had only one bad experience with Amazon and I have learned my lesson: […]

General Motors CEO Ed Whitacre has bragged in TV commercials and newspaper columns that GM has paid back its bailout “in full and ahead of schedule.” httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOaS2SymjQ4 GM received $50 billion in TARP funds (never mind that TARP was only supposed to cover financial institutions). About $7 billion of that came in the form of […]