When I bought it, I tried looking up everything I could about it. I was impressed with the fact that it comes with it’s own cookbook, which I have used.

When I was growing up my grandmother was a very shrewd shopper. I remember we always had Watkins brand items around the house. We used Watkins liniment. Kind of strange the things we remember from our childhood, but that liniment was used almost everyday. I grew up using their lotions and the vanilla — always […]

Did you know California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill banning microbeads. Hurrah for us.  Apparently, they have been putting little plastic beads in personal care items, no one told me. I’m having a really hard time wrapping my mind around this one.  We have been begging them to ban GMO’s or at the very least, label […]

You’ve seen it a thousand times, this is bad for you, that’s bad for you. You know you need to make a change but how? Our family struggles too, from eating too much fast food, to struggling with the effects of toxic chemicals. When you can barely afford to keep food on the table, what […]

You know how you just sit and gnaw on something all day? This afternoon, I was driving to MPO in Columbia, California​, and I’m listening to an am radio station. They were talking about termites and this lady is saying, “just do it, don’t even think about it.” She’s referring, of course to using pesticides […]

Don’t you ever wonder how Walmart’s low prices and low wages translates into billions of dollars in profits? Every time you shop at their stores, you are making a decision, a vote of confidence in your food.  You are what you eat, it sustains us and makes us healthy or sick. View image | gettyimages.com […]

I’ve probably only had Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream once or twice in my entire life. I can guarantee you that I will never have it again. This is a company you can’t trust. Isn’t anybody looking out for the best interest of consumers?

It seems these days you have to be an expert at everything.  It really makes me wonder how women who work full-time manage to keep on top of everything. Today, I read yet another article on how consumers are getting ripped off when purchasing Extra Virgin Olive Oil. You’ve got to be kidding me.  Olive […]

I was pretty excited to hear that Carl’s Jr. has come out with a new grass-fed beef hamburger. So, last night we took a drive down the hill and bought one.

If you haven’t been made aware already, you need to hear this. They have been spraying the wheat crop with glyphosate for more that 20 years. I know, you want to know why it is just not becoming a problem. That’s easy. It’s cumulative.

The bottom line is you do what you can with what you’ve got to work with. You have to start somewhere or end up in the hospital. That’s really the only choice you have, as I see it.

You won’t get anywhere fast, but by doing a little at a time as you can afford it, you can save yourself a great deal of money and stretch your food budget as far as it will go. What are your favorite money saving tips?

Please write Kellogg’s a letter, explaining why you aren’t buying their products then stop buying and start sharing. We can make a difference.

Buy local, buy in season and please look up the chemicals your kids are exposed to. Do the research before it’s too late and you end up saying, “Well, nobody told me.”

I’m telling you. We owe it to our children to give them the best chance in life. Read the label. Label GMO’s.