Today, I want to talk about the stuff you’ve ordered and never returned, but should have.  You know what I’m talking about.  Not only do companies pay good money to have their products tested, they want their products to make it to the warranty period, but not much further.

Or how not to get taken for a ride on Amazon. Let me say up front, I am a very frequent online purchaser. I buy online almost exclusively from Amazon. I am also a seller on Amazon and find it easy to give gifts this way, my profits often going toward a birthday gift. Navigating […]

Complaints shouldn’t be the only feedback you provide a company. When you receive extraordinary service or someone goes above and beyond to help you, say so.

Then on July 31, 2014, I received an email from PayPal that my account was charged $55.46 – and there was no order email from DoubleDay. I contacted DoubleDay Large Print regarding the charge and they informed me it was for the book “Top-Secret Twenty One” / Mr. Mercedes”.

Don’t think for a second that censorship is only happening in Europe. It’s being done here, only on a much quieter scale. When I’m doing research these days, I use three or four browsers and search engines because they will all come up with different results.

This takes giving a friendly reminder to a whole new level. Just Lenses didn’t just send us an email reminder that our contact prescription was about to expire. When we didn’t respond to the first five email messages they sent, they called us. On a Saturday to boot. And then again a few days later.

As I mentioned in my last post, I had purchased a pair of glasses from Lenscrafters at 50% off. Not too shabby and I was feeling pretty proud of myself when I came home and let my fingers do the walking – online. At Coastal Contacts I hit a home run – I bought glasses […]

Amazon Prime is worth the money. I love Amazon Prime and I’ll tell why. We run an at home business and we live in a small out-of-the-way mountain town, so we often have no choice but to order items online. With Amazon Prime there are times our package has arrived the very next day. It […]

Charging you extra to pay your bills? First congress effectively causes banks to charge you a fee to have an account…

Though regulators have pushed through a number of changes they hoped would control banks’ fees and charges, financial institutions are finding news ways to nick customers. By now, most Americans know Bank of America recently announced plans to charge debit-card users a $5 monthly fee beginning early  next year. But they’re not the only bank […]

Netflix has made a proactive, if not risky move. I was bummed out when Netflix announced they were splitting up their online and physical movie distribution network, while significantly increasing rates. It’s a risky but necessary move. One that I believe will pay off for the company in the long run, even if it does […]