Did you know California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill banning microbeads. Hurrah for us.  Apparently, they have been putting little plastic beads in personal care items, no one told me. I’m having a really hard time wrapping my mind around this one.  We have been begging them to ban GMO’s or at the very least, label […]

You know how you just sit and gnaw on something all day? This afternoon, I was driving to MPO in Columbia, California​, and I’m listening to an am radio station. They were talking about termites and this lady is saying, “just do it, don’t even think about it.” She’s referring, of course to using pesticides […]

Like you, I too am worried about my family. I worry that they aren’t getting enough vitamins. I worry they will get cancer, so I try to buy organic, no hormones — pure food — but it’s impossible. I feel like a total failure, but I swear I’m not giving up.

It’s been a long time since I was part of the workforce. I help my husband a little but by and large he carries the ball. I’ve been talking to people and frankly I’m appalled at the things employers are getting away with these days.

We recently had a problem with US customs, believe it or not. No, we didn’t travel overseas or go to Mexico or Canada on vacation. We ordered contacts. It was the craziest thing.

Our Tribeca is nearly a year old and I wanted to give you an update. First, I have to say overall I love it but there are a few little things I wish I had known before I purchased it. Okay, so the third row seating is tight; to be fair, we never use it anyway. If […]

I’ve been watching the commercials and they make this look so good, I just had to try it.  Of course I want the Dyson DC41 Animal but the one I want costs $599.00 and that’s a lot for a vacuum. The Shark Navigator Lift-Away sells for $179.99 – a little more than I wanted to pay – but I […]

SOS Online Backup? You’ll be screaming “SOS”, all right. 15 months ago today I signed up for the SOS Online Backup “reseller” service. The price was fair

Charging you extra to pay your bills? First congress effectively causes banks to charge you a fee to have an account…

We did our homework and shopped around our local area. We checked online to see what was available, we compared prices and quality, until we finally found what we were looking for. We try to shop locally as often as we can, to support our locally owned businesses. It helps keep our money, in our community. We stopped in to shop…

Have you noticed that grocery shopping is getting to be more and more of a challenge and it seems to be taking longer and longer to get it done. For instance, have you been to the packaged meat section recently? I can’t believe how long it took us to select packaged lunch-meats, it was simply […]

If you are out enjoying yourself, really enjoying yourself this weekend, consider yourself blessed. We didn’t even make it to the “holiday” part of the weekend before disaster struck and and shattered our dreams of spending the holiday with our family. [Read about it here.] Almost everyone I know is having a rough time this […]

I must admit as I sit here writing that I’m heartbroken over officially being kicked out of Amazon.com’s affiliate program today. Governor Jerry Brown, in his infinite wisdom, has declared war, not only on Amazon.com but on mom and pop businesses as a whole. I’d like to know where Gov. Brown got his economics degree? […]

I can’t prove it but I’d all but swear on a Bible that something is very fishy and downright wrong at the major financial company who is financing our new Subaru Tribeca. We were just charged a $15.00 late fee because our car payment didn’t go through our credit union account. Guess why? The last […]