Like you, I too am worried about my family. I worry that they aren’t getting enough vitamins. I worry they will get cancer, so I try to buy organic, no hormones — pure food — but it’s impossible. I feel like a total failure, but I swear I’m not giving up.

We did our homework and shopped around our local area. We checked online to see what was available, we compared prices and quality, until we finally found what we were looking for. We try to shop locally as often as we can, to support our locally owned businesses. It helps keep our money, in our community. We stopped in to shop…

Have you noticed that grocery shopping is getting to be more and more of a challenge and it seems to be taking longer and longer to get it done. For instance, have you been to the packaged meat section recently? I can’t believe how long it took us to select packaged lunch-meats, it was simply […]

A beautiful spring day is perfect for mini golf, go carts and bumper boats, so we met up with friends at Boomers in Modesto, CA to let the kids play together for an afternoon. The first thing I noticed were the prices. Wow, I recall taking my son to a similar place in Sacramento (Scandia) […]

I would love to be able to write a totally unbiased review of our 2011 Subaru Tribeca, but who am I kidding? I’ve wanted to own a Tribeca since the first time I saw a Tribeca commercial over ten years ago. Our last vehicle was a 1999 Subaru Outback that has served us well and […]

I have always loved to drive. It has always been one of my most favorite past-times, until probably the past ten years. The traffic has gotten so bad over the years (or maybe the drivers have just gotten worse) that I really dread driving on some days. As a driving enthusiast I’ve never given much […]

Dear Staples Customer Service Department, My husband Shawn and I have been loyal Staples customers for the past 10 years, often spending in excess of $15,000 a year. I’m just writing to let you know that we have taken our business elsewhere and will no longer be frequenting Staples, nor will we be recommending your […]

You know I simply love the crisp fall weather; it’s all that is entailed in preparation for winter┬áthat I detest. Fall means it’s time to put away our summer clothes and pull our warm winter woolies out of storage. It’s like reconnecting with old friends. I found clothing I had forgotten I owned. We’ll save […]

I’m in the process of changing all my appliances over to stainless steel, in hopes they will be easier to keep looking nice. At least that’s the theory. My microwave looks like it’s survived a war, but it works like a champ. When we first got it, we overcooked everything. We called it “the microwave […]

Simply Self Storage, not so simple… When three people live in a two-bedroom house that is only 830 square feet, it doesn’t take long to realize that space is a luxury one can ill afford. Inevitably the time will come when it’s time to make a decision; move into a larger space, dispose of non-essentials […]

Ok, so everyone knows that fast food isn’t the healthiest choice of food sources but being married to a fast-food-aholic, we do try to make good choices out of our limited options. Such was the case yesterday morning, when we ventured to Jack in the Box for a quick breakfast before we headed home and […]