I went to Wal-Mart today in the south Kankakee store, Sunday, August 30th. We were shopping in the pet department where I saw several rats running about.  I had told the manager about the rat issue and the manager (Branden) said that the store had traps set up already and were working on the issue. […]

Went to a Subway Restaurant at Route 59 and Route 64 in West Chicago, the person waiting on me didn’t speak or understand English and when I got home the bread on the sandwich I ordered was so hard we couldn’t eat them. I guess what they advertise when they say, “you loose weight by […]

I think that my Walmart shopping days may be over. Customer service is lousy, you can’t just stop in for a few items to save a bit of money and get in and out of the Dixon, Il or Sterling, Il stores. The checkout lines have at least a 10-minute wait. Is there a shortage […]