If you have breathing issues, you are not alone. Since the spraying of the skies have been stepped up, the air quality has gotten worse.  Without oxygen, we die, plain and simple. Don’t be tricked into buying over the counter drugs or going to the doctor. You can do a lot to help your situation. […]

I had no idea just what a variety of ingredients are included in chocolate milk. When I found that carrageenan was bad for you, I swear, I found it everywhere. What is Carrageenan? Is Carrageenan Safe? Many people are also confused by the organic labels. The green organic label, is supposed to mean it’s 100% […]

As I mentioned in my last post, I had purchased a pair of glasses from Lenscrafters at 50% off. Not too shabby and I was feeling pretty proud of myself when I came home and let my fingers do the walking – online. At Coastal Contacts I hit a home run – I bought glasses […]

We fought the traffic to make it back across town. I was determined to share another perfect dining experience with my sweet husband, so I strongly recommended we eat at The Buffet at The Bellagio. The tab was $79.89 for the two of us, no alcohol was ordered, plus tip, including tax. I can’t express to you just how disappointed I was with that meal.

I would love to be able to write a totally unbiased review of our 2011 Subaru Tribeca, but who am I kidding? I’ve wanted to own a Tribeca since the first time I saw a Tribeca commercial over ten years ago. Our last vehicle was a 1999 Subaru Outback that has served us well and […]

Retail stores aren’t the only ones out to rip people off these days. Many other establishments are just as bad, if not worse. A word of caution to individuals opening a new bank account — don’t use a large check. My husband opened a new checking account a few months ago with Umpqua bank, using […]

Welcome to “Checkout” – Off The Shelf‘s new blog. You will be able to post your comments and questions here, instead of waiting for me to post them. Yay! Be sure to Checkout our blog regularly for news comments, questions, complaints, rants and raves about shopping in America. Thanks for joining us, hope you stop […]

When I heard this week that some of the “big box” retailers (Wal Mart, Target, etc) are not allowing their employees to say “Merry Christmas” anymore (they have to say “Happy Holidays” instead), I was at first just a bit perturbed. Then, the other day, I received a Wal-Mart “Home for the Holidays” sale flier […]