I just happened to run across your web site while looking for the Corporate Offices of Meijer. I have an experience I want to share with you. While shopping at Meijer, I purchased a 24-bottle case of Aquafina water. There was a “hand written” sign above the water. Written on the same style paper as […]

I have to tell you about a recent experience we had at our local market. I was simply floored at the clerks thoughtfulness. My husband and I are loyal consumers, when someone treats us right, we will make every effort to spend our money where it is most deserved. We are also very choosy about […]

Welcome to “Checkout” – Off The Shelf‘s new blog. You will be able to post your comments and questions here, instead of waiting for me to post them. Yay! Be sure to Checkout our blog regularly for news comments, questions, complaints, rants and raves about shopping in America. Thanks for joining us, hope you stop […]