Here is my problem. While on vacation this week, my husband and stopped at the Battle Creek Tractor Supply store on 6360 B. Drive North. We often stop at Tractor Supply stores while on vacation, since we often find different clearance items that our home store does not carry. My husband came across the clearance […]

I live in Texas. Many times the price listed on the shelf for an item is not the price at check out. In Texas we have a Deceptive Trade Practice law that protects consumers. The advertised price IS what the store must charge otherwise they are subject to being sued for three times the amount […]

I was shopping for linens at the Target store on Haskell Avenue, Dallas, Texas. I chose several items that were shelved directly behind a huge red “clearance” sign. Having been overcharged on sale items at this store before, I asked the checker to make sure the items scanned at the discounted price. They did not. […]

I was at Home Depot in Plymouth, MI this past Saturday night shopping for flooring. While shopping I found 7 cartons of laminate flooring all marked with green stickers for $3.77. I have shopped at Home Depot for years and have always known green stickers to be clearance/closeout items. Not thinking much of it I […]

Annette: I have been impressed reading info on your site but am also confused about the MI Bounty Scanning Law. I live in MI and recently stocked up on kid’s clothes that were on clearance at Kohl’s. The pants were marked $16.00 as the original price and had a $6.00 clearance sticker on them. A […]

Pleasanton, California Kohl’s Store We don’t have a Kohl’s Department Store in our area, so when I had an opportunity to check out a new store near Livermore, CA, I took it. Truth be told, there was nothing in the immediate area and I really had to use the restroom. Initially I had no intention […]

So long as it doesn’t happen at Target! An angry shopper shares her story about one penny-pinching manager, who would rather risk a lawsuit, than replace a pair of shoes. While entering the Target store at Muncie, Indiana, my Mom, almost fell because her heel was unknowingly caught in a round hole in the entrance […]