I have a couple of granddaughters that I like to buy clothes for. Okay, I’ll tell the truth, I love buying clothes for all the kids. As a parent and grandparent it gives me a sense of joy to see well groomed children with clean smiling faces. I’m sure you’ve noticed your own children, strutting […]

Goodness gracious, Glad to read your Off The Shelf and glad to share a concern about one retailer, Abercrombie and Fitch. I personally find this store so ridiculous that I can hardly stand up for people who shop there. However, most of the customers are unsuspecting young people, who want so badly to look like […]

I have been a loyal Wal-mart shopper for years. Recently I have changed my mind about shopping there. There has been a drastic change in customer service over the last couple of years. The Wal-mart I shop at has hired many Hispanic workers. They can barely speak English and are not able to understand a […]

Went to the┬áBessemer, Alabama, Wal-Mart yesterday with my shopping list. I needed a set of Christmas Bubble Lights, snow drape with silver sparkles (which I’ve always been able to purchase there) and a Sterilite Container (like a file box) which they’ve always carried. Also on my list was silver Christmas balls. The only thing on […]

I recently shopped during one of Kohl’s big sales and purchased an infant outfit from Carter’s that was priced $15.00. The sign above the Carter’s clothing said all Carter’s infant were 55% off. Well, when I got home I noticed that the $15.00 outfit rang up for $8.99, not the $6.75 that the 55% off […]

Kohl’s Department Store gives customer hard time returning over-charged backpack. Yesterday, August 28, 2006 I went to Kohl’s at 12:13 p.m. and purchased two items: a backpack and a Nike Toddler Outfit. In the backpack the cashier removed a card and put it through the scanner. My total came to $61.19. I asked if the […]

This big box Walmart store in Huntsville has everything, and we’ve defended their enterprising spirit and supported it with 95% of our purchases for food, clothes, sporting goods, small appliances etc. But on July 3, 2006 we had an eye opening experience with this so-called “family friendly,” down home, community oriented, “customer satisfaction guaranteed store.” […]