I was very excited to see that our local Taco Bell was open inside. Until I ate there.

Complaints shouldn’t be the only feedback you provide a company. When you receive extraordinary service or someone goes above and beyond to help you, say so.

Then on July 31, 2014, I received an email from PayPal that my account was charged $55.46 – and there was no order email from DoubleDay. I contacted DoubleDay Large Print regarding the charge and they informed me it was for the book “Top-Secret Twenty One” / Mr. Mercedes”.

Release Permits under 7 CFR Part 340, low and behold tobacco was listed as well as: corn, to sweet oranges, from black cottonwood, to sugar beets, grapefruit, potato, soy, walnuts, chestnuts, alfalfa, sorghum, casava, apple, eucalyptus, sugar cane, mustard, cotton, tomato, beets, Mexican lime, peppermint, poplar, safflower, papaya, aspen, grapevine, persimmon, cypress, banana, pine, switchgrass, elm, palm, barley, plum, petunia, anthurium, grapes, wheat, bermudagrass and peanuts. I was shocked.

I guess I should start at the beginning, when the hubby and I stopped in at Carl’s Jr. on Saturday the 26th we ordered four western bacon cheeseburgers and went home (15 miles) to eat with our son…

Minecraft holds no interest for me. I was going for the buffets. I told Shawn I was going on a Seafood Diet, if I saw food, I planned to eat it. I promised to gain 10 pounds while we were there – and I meant it. I have severe food issues, which leave me unable to eat very much at one sitting, so I nibble. I find that if I eat a nice variety I manage to eat enough to keep me going.

My husband encouraged me to purchase the all-day pass to the Bayside Buffet at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, I was tempted. We chose instead to eat dinner our first night in Las Vegas in-house, and selected the Bayside Buffet because I love having a little bit of everything for a meal, so buffets are ideal.

The Mandalay Bay rate for this room “starts” at $90 a night and according to the reservation system, the rate for this same room could be as much as $480 per night, which would be comparable to the Hilton Inn but that is where the comparison ends. (Think “very roomy Motel 6.”) We received a discounted rate due to the MineCon negotiated rate.

Costco offers an incredible deal on zt Systems intel Core i7, sporting 12GB of memory and a 2.0 TB hard drive. The system is dual monitor capable, out of the box. On the surface, the system appears to deliver on all levels: The ZT Affinity 7625Mi Desktop PC features the 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i7-2600 […]

Since when is it a citizens job to make things easier for law enforcement? Since, Louisiana House Bill 195 passed and requires that those who buy and sell second hand goods cannot use cash to make those transactions. Rickey Hardy, District 44 commented, “It’s a mechanism to be used, so the police department can be able […]

I can’t prove it but I’d all but swear on a Bible that something is very fishy and downright wrong at the major financial company who is financing our new Subaru Tribeca. We were just charged a $15.00 late fee because our car payment didn’t go through our credit union account. Guess why? The last […]

A beautiful spring day is perfect for mini golf, go carts and bumper boats, so we met up with friends at Boomers in Modesto, CA to let the kids play together for an afternoon. The first thing I noticed were the prices. Wow, I recall taking my son to a similar place in Sacramento (Scandia) […]

Michigan should keep the item pricing law. I hope they do. Business are still violating the act. The spirit of the act was to protect the consumer from incorrect computer scanning equipment. I just returned from Meijer and they still will not pay the bounty unless the item has a price tag on it.  The […]

We all have businesses we love to hate. You know the ones that provide the necessities of life, but at the same time make you want to scream and claw your eyes out from frustration? I just have one question! What is wrong with the engineers at Panasonic? They just can’t seem to get it right. […]