Have you noticed that grocery shopping is getting to be more and more of a challenge and it seems to be taking longer and longer to get it done. For instance, have you been to the packaged meat section recently? I can’t believe how long it took us to select packaged lunch-meats, it was simply […]

Today my husband shared a link on Facebook to an article posted on Web Host Industry Review that should send a chill up the spine of any business owner. TV Show Creators Sue Host, Say Data Center Worker Deleted Data According to a report appearing Thursday on PC World, the creators of a children’s TV […]

Trusting, loyal, Amazon shoppers might think twice about ordering from the online store giant after current changes hide “special” pricing. As one of those loyal customers, who prefers the ease of free shipping — rather than braving the local brick and mortar store fronts. I have had only one bad experience with Amazon and I have learned my lesson: […]

Have you ever wondered if the products in those to-good-to-be-true ads are for real? After all, some of their claims are rather pie-in-the-sky like. I decided to try a few products that I’ve seen advertised recently. At my local Rite-Aid I picked up a bottle of “Heel Tastic.” My heels are always cracked and bleeding. I’ve […]

Have you noticed the recent Campbell’s Soup commercials for their newest line of products; Select Harvest, advertising their new natural soup line with “real ingredients”, sea salt and no MSG? This advertising campaign makes me wonder what ingredients are found in their regular soup line. My reason for bringing it to your attention is that the Select […]

Hi Annette, I feel like a victim of this scanning law problem as well. I went to Rite-Aid to buy a few items and try to find a cheaper brand of face powder than what I normally buy from the very high-end stores (my husband has been laid off since October and I cannot in […]

I live in Texas. Many times the price listed on the shelf for an item is not the price at check out. In Texas we have a Deceptive Trade Practice law that protects consumers. The advertised price IS what the store must charge otherwise they are subject to being sued for three times the amount […]

I have an ongoing problem with Meijers pricing problems! Seems like the problems are getting worse, but enforcement is non-existent. Just last week I purchased gourmet coffee for $6.99 a pound, listed as buy one, get one free. When the cashier scanned the item, the charge was $7.99 a pound. I caught the mistake and […]

Does the scanner law go far enough? I am diligent about checking my receipts and I have to tell you, it’s the rare occasion that I shop at a major grocery or department store and not find a mistake on my receipt. To be honest, sometimes the mistakes are in my favor, but not nearly […]

Online shopping and gift cards have become convenient options for consumers who don’t want to brave the maddening mall rush during the Christmas season. With increasingly fluctuating prices at the pump, unpredictable weather systems and ever maddening traffic conditions, it just makes sense avoid the stress of it all… Or does it? Unless you read […]

Retailers say scanner technology has several advantages: speeding checkout time, lowering labor costs, and improving sales and inventory records. They also say that scanning results in fewer pricing errors than manual entry.

On a recent visit to Meijer I purchased a bag of potato chips, the price was not marked on the bag of chips, but on the shelving unit below. The price marked on the sticker was $2.50. However, when I checked out, the chips rang up at $2.99. I am in the habit of checking […]

This weekend I was overcharged at two different Meijers at two separate times. On Thursday, I went to a Meijers in Grand Rapids, MI. I bought some Margarita mix. The price tag was marked $15.88. When I got home, I checked the receipt and the item had rung up for $17.95. I called the store […]

I think you will agree with me when I say that this story is another outrageous example of Walmart fleecing the consumer. My mother and I went in to purchase new HP cartridges for her printer in the Ponca City, Oklahoma, Walmart store. We went in with the old empty cartridges to insure that we […]