I have a question, I was shopping at the Meijers in Portage and was overcharged for 2 rolls of wallpaper ($1.00 over each). Now, they didn’t give me a hassle about the $2.00 or about the scanner law in general, but what I got back was $7.12. My question is, since they scanned 2 items […]

I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana and it is time for the advertisement for school supplies. I think the ad you show of the boy with the pencils up his nose and the boys throwing paper wads around the room is unbecoming of a store like yours, for young children to view. We have enough […]

On July 7th, 2006 I went to buy a few things at Meijers. One of my items scanned wrong and I noticed this before getting into my car. I took the item and the sign for this item to the service counter. The price that was stamped on the package of the english muffins did […]

ARRRHHHH! I have had enough of this Meijer crap and I’m prepared to fight back. I’m damn sick of them picking my pockets while I’m in their stores; from now on it’s urine in the returned cans; tacks dipped in dung for the managers coffee break rest area benches; strings across the isles and tied […]

New Website Reveals the Worst Practices of America’s Largest Companies Co-op America’s Responsible Shopper Web site features the latest “dirt” on more than 150 of America’s largest corporations and helps consumers shift their support to the most responsible companies. Co-op America launched its new ResponsibleShopper.com Web site today to help consumers discover corporate America’s worst […]