Complaints shouldn’t be the only feedback you provide a company. When you receive extraordinary service or someone goes above and beyond to help you, say so.

I guess I should start at the beginning, when the hubby and I stopped in at Carl’s Jr. on Saturday the 26th we ordered four western bacon cheeseburgers and went home (15 miles) to eat with our son…

A beautiful spring day is perfect for mini golf, go carts and bumper boats, so we met up with friends at Boomers in Modesto, CA to let the kids play together for an afternoon. The first thing I noticed were the prices. Wow, I recall taking my son to a similar place in Sacramento (Scandia) […]

Today my husband shared a link on Facebook to an article posted on Web Host Industry Review that should send a chill up the spine of any business owner. TV Show Creators Sue Host, Say Data Center Worker Deleted Data According to a report appearing Thursday on PC World, the creators of a children’s TV […]

So let me get this straight. My “overnight” order is being delayed up to a full week because they want me to fax a copy of my utility bill? As a victim of ID theft, this terrifies me.

Michigan should keep the item pricing law. I hope they do. Business are still violating the act. The spirit of the act was to protect the consumer from incorrect computer scanning equipment. I just returned from Meijer and they still will not pay the bounty unless the item has a price tag on it.  The […]

Retail Bandit advocates are voting for stores with their feet and most importantly with their wallets. Retail competition can be pretty stiff in some areas, sure you might have to drive a little further and gas prices can’t come down fast enough, but without your support retailers won’t stay in business very long. Retail Bandit […]

We all have businesses we love to hate. You know the ones that provide the necessities of life, but at the same time make you want to scream and claw your eyes out from frustration? I just have one question! What is wrong with the engineers at Panasonic? They just can’t seem to get it right. […]

I just received a phone call from Comcast. I am simply livid. They called to inform me that my bill was past due. Well, how can that be? Since reactivating my cable service through Comcast only a month ago, I’ve never received a bill from them. Not one. Apparently, they are sending the bills to […]

After being without television for the past two years, I finally decided to bite the bullet and order cable again. Our local cable company is Comcast. I decide to be smart about it and order it online, to save time and hopefully money. After I checked all the boxes, filled in all their forms, and then […]

You know I simply love the crisp fall weather; it’s all that is entailed in preparation for winter that I detest. Fall means it’s time to put away our summer clothes and pull our warm winter woolies out of storage. It’s like reconnecting with old friends. I found clothing I had forgotten I owned. We’ll save […]

The entire night I have been going through pages of Michigan Retail Law, trying to figure out what in the heck I am supposed to know about how things scan in the store. I work at Meijer, and would appreciate that my name and email aren’t included in this publicly. But, I can assure you, […]

My husband and I were shopping at Wal-Mart for a short period of time.  We found that the isles are so narrow that 2 shopping carts can barely fit through an isle.  People are so into your personal space that we actually made a joke that if we are somewhere else and someone gets in […]

I have a complaint about Wal-Mart in Sacramento, CA on Antelope Road. August 13, 2009 — I was at the automatic check out station, checking my articles out. I swiped my card in the machine, entered my pin number, and it came up asking if I wanted money back. I started to hit “NO” when […]