On Wednesday, May 2nd, I bought a bag of lemons from my local Kroger store in Shepherdville, Kentucky at a cost of $3.79 a bag for 7-lemons. By Friday, May 4th, all of them were spoiled. They were kept in my refrigerator. I returned to the store on Saturday, May 5th, and was told they […]

I have not been able to find frozen yogurt at my local Meijer store for three months. I have requested that the store buy more, but nothing has been done. Recently, Breyers introduced a fat free brand of ice cream that is low in calories and tastes very good, too. I asked my Meijer store […]

I am totally disgusted with Meijer in Three Rivers, and will be happy when Walmart opens up because as far as I am concerned I will not trade there any more. I took back two shirts that my husband bought for me, and they did not fit me right, so I went to exchange them. […]

Hello, Yes I am a man and I do believe that at least half the men in the US of A hate to shop at Wal-Mart. I’ve had several bad experiences with the store in Rincon, Georgia. It started before my wife passed away in 2002. The wheel chair — when someone finally found one […]

I have been a loyal Wal-mart shopper for years. Recently I have changed my mind about shopping there. There has been a drastic change in customer service over the last couple of years. The Wal-mart I shop at has hired many Hispanic workers. They can barely speak English and are not able to understand a […]

This regards Target’s exchange policy. We received a pair of curtain rods as a gift from my wife’s daughter. She was unaware that we had just made plans to move into a different house where we would not need them. When we attempted to exchange them but we did not have a receipt (since it […]

I can’t understand how a company as large as Home Depot can treat customers so poorly. I signed my roofing contract on 9-14-05, Home Depot has now installed three roofs on my house and are getting ready to install the fourth one. They pay their contractors as little as possible and that is why they […]

How to appease the clerk at your store. After reading several articles about poor retail experiences, I felt the need to share several things on the subject. Before I begin, some background is in order. I have two years experience in retail, one at a franchise pizza restaurant, and another year at a major chain […]

I’m a hospital employee who works from 7:00pm unti 7:00 am a 12 hours shift. So, I normally do all of my shopping during the early morning hours. Well, that was my normal routine untl the other day during visit to the Meijer store located in Benton Harbor, MI. I work in Dowagiac, Michigan, which […]

Glenville, New York Walmart My husband and I went to Walmart on Sunday to purchase a new vacuum, and in the process we filled a grocery cart. We went to the vacuum section looked at all the vacuums and decided upon the Bissell Powerforce 12 Amp Vac, it had a sign above, which read “Bissell […]

This big box Walmart store in Huntsville has everything, and we’ve defended their enterprising spirit and supported it with 95% of our purchases for food, clothes, sporting goods, small appliances etc. But on July 3, 2006 we had an eye opening experience with this so-called “family friendly,” down home, community oriented, “customer satisfaction guaranteed store.” […]

I had a horrible experience yesterday at the Subway Sandwiches & Salads located on W. TC Jester Blvd., Houston, Texas location. I went in with my son and a friend to have dinner. I asked the young lady that was working what the daily special was and she didn’t respond. She just pointed at the […]

Kelli from Greenville writes in… Two weeks ago I purchased a carton of gourmet mixed mushrooms on sale for 1.99 and was charged the full price of 3.99. When I went back to the store (Greenville – “birthplace of Meijer”) the girl in customer service told me about the refund law, 10 times the amount […]

I have to tell you about a recent experience we had at our local market. I was simply floored at the clerks thoughtfulness. My husband and I are loyal consumers, when someone treats us right, we will make every effort to spend our money where it is most deserved. We are also very choosy about […]