Yesterday, I opened a can of Great Value green beans that I had bought at the Walmart in Duluth GA. As I poured the beans out into a bowl to begin a casserole, a mouse poured out with the beans. It was small, slightly decomposed, but definitely a mouse. It was awful. We will […]

This is a huge rant for the Wal-Mart Super Center in Evans, Georgia on Washington Road! My boyfriend and I visited to cash a check at what they like to call “Customer Service”, in which is a bunch of bull, and to also spend $150 in groceries. To start off with we were shorted $100 […]

Hello, Yes I am a man and I do believe that at least half the men in the US of A hate to shop at Wal-Mart. I’ve had several bad experiences with the store in Rincon, Georgia. It started before my wife passed away in 2002. The wheel chair — when someone finally found one […]