Dear Sprouts, I have to tell you, though it’s been days since our trip down to Sprouts in Modesto I am still very upset. I checked your website and NOWHERE could I find any information that you require shoppers to wear a mask. We drove all the way from Twain Harte to visit your store. Had we known about masks being required even for those with health conditions that prevent wearing face coverings we never would have made the trip. I just want to point a few things out to you…

With four children 9 and under, I feel that the best deals for groceries and non-food items are at Wal-Mart, not to mention one stop shopping with limited time. I have tried to not go there and shop at Publix or Kroger but the grocery bill by itself is outrageous. Unfortunately, I have really had […]

I’m a hospital employee who works from 7:00pm unti 7:00 am a 12 hours shift. So, I normally do all of my shopping during the early morning hours. Well, that was my normal routine untl the other day during visit to the Meijer store located in Benton Harbor, MI. I work in Dowagiac, Michigan, which […]

I was in my local grocery store yesterday and was over charged by $40.78. I should have known at the time that three little bags of groceries doesn’t normally cost me $84.78! Needless to say, I was in a major hurry and didn’t take the time to look over the receipt….. I just today I […]