Does the scanner law go far enough? I am diligent about checking my receipts and I have to tell you, it’s the rare occasion that I shop at a major grocery or department store and not find a mistake on my receipt. To be honest, sometimes the mistakes are in my favor, but not nearly […]

  My family was alarmed to find that when shopping at Kroger on November 25, 2008, canned salmon, with an expiration code dated for 03-04-07 still on the shelf. When we returned the cans for a refund. We watched them remove an entire cart full of cans which were dated for the year 2007. SHOCKING! […]

Dear OTS; Regarding the Huber Heights, Ohio Meijer Store I was thrilled to find your website as my loathing of the snide, irresponsible management of Meijer has festered over the years. I refuse to shop them. However, (even in my absence) they continue to snub and urinate on my family, my neighbors, and me. When […]

In the past week I have had the occasion to visit my local Meijer (Avon, IN) twice. During each of those visits there have been issues that have caused me problems. On the first visit I was in need of snow salt. I asked 3 employees and got 3 different answers about where I could […]

Attention Kroger shoppers – read your receipts and check those expiration dates. Nearly every shopping trip at Kroger, I am either: a. overcharged or b. sold an expired item Today, it happened again…and it’s really taxing my nerves. The latest scan scam: I was overcharged .49 for a Balance Bar (which was not price stamped). […]

On Wednesday, May 2nd, I bought a bag of lemons from my local Kroger store in Shepherdville, Kentucky at a cost of $3.79 a bag for 7-lemons. By Friday, May 4th, all of them were spoiled. They were kept in my refrigerator. I returned to the store on Saturday, May 5th, and was told they […]

I was in Kroger today and purchased two packages of tomatoes, marked at 2 for $4.00. During check-out, I noticed the tomatoes rang up incorrectly ($2.99 each). I informed the clerk and asked for the Michigan error scan refund. I was told that since I notified her of the error and she could fix it […]

Kroger overcharges customer $40.70 for nothing… Both my husband and myself shop at Kroger’s at least 3 times a week. I do the major large shopping list, which usually totals over $100.00. My husband just picks up odds and ends needed during the week. Last week I noticed upon returning home my receipt was rather […]

I found your site after doing a search on “Michigan Scanner Law” because of the following run-in at Meijer. I was purchasing some Twizzler’s licorice. I noticed that about half of the bags were marked $1.46, the other half $1.66, the sign in front of the bags said $1.66. So I purchased one of each […]

Kroger, in Brandenburg, KY 40108 consistantly has incorrect price scanning. What are the laws concerning this in KY? Ginny

I wanted to let all the customers know that you are not the only people who suffer. I am a Cashier at Kroger, and I have been for about nine months, everyday, and at irregular times. I walk 3 miles to work. I clock in, walk to my register and try to fake a smile […]