A beautiful spring day is perfect for mini golf, go carts and bumper boats, so we met up with friends at Boomers in Modesto, CA to let the kids play together for an afternoon. The first thing I noticed were the prices. Wow, I recall taking my son to a similar place in Sacramento (Scandia) […]

Dear Staples Customer Service Department, My husband Shawn and I have been loyal Staples customers for the past 10 years, often spending in excess of $15,000 a year. I’m just writing to let you know that we have taken our business elsewhere and will no longer be frequenting Staples, nor will we be recommending your […]

I just received a phone call from Comcast. I am simply livid. They called to inform me that my bill was past due. Well, how can that be? Since reactivating my cable service through Comcast only a month ago, I’ve never received a bill from them. Not one. Apparently, they are sending the bills to […]

I am sitting here on hold, waiting for a Comcast Service Representative to answer the phone. I am fuming mad, so mad in fact that I feel as though I could spit nails. I was sitting here enjoying my second Law and Order program of the evening — one I was really looking forward to watching. Especially since […]

Retail stores aren’t the only ones out to rip people off these days. Many other establishments are just as bad, if not worse. A word of caution to individuals opening a new bank account — don’t use a large check. My husband opened a new checking account a few months ago with Umpqua bank, using […]

This email exchange says it all: I ordered a movie set for an upcoming viewing party in a week. The item was in stock. I ordered on Sunday night, 8/9/09, received an email on 8/10/09 that the order had shipped and that I’d be receiving it on 8/11 or 8/12. I tracked the order and […]

I visited my local Subway Restaurant, in Tucson, Arizona on Oracle and Wetmore and ordered a turkey plus bacon 6-inch sandwich. The sandwich came to $4.85; I paid with a ten-dollar bill. The clerk did not give me a receipt and when he gave me $1.15 in change, I did not realize that the change […]

I think that my Walmart shopping days may be over. Customer service is lousy, you can’t just stop in for a few items to save a bit of money and get in and out of the Dixon, Il or Sterling, Il stores. The checkout lines have at least a 10-minute wait. Is there a shortage […]

Just last night, I was shopping at Target in Shelby township, MI and I purchased a 2-pack of hooded baby towels with washcloths. When I went up to the check out, they rang up $10.99 but the tag on the shelf said $4.99. The cashier said that I would need to go to the Customer […]

This letter is to call your attention to a problem I encountered during a recent visit to your store. I took my Bulova wristwatch to your jewelry counter and requested a battery replacement.

I stopped shopping at Meijer for a long time because of the scams they run. I recently went back to shop at Meijer thinking I would pay better attention to the sale signs and find a price scanner, which are mounted though out the store, so I could check any unpriced item. Well, all of […]

This is a huge rant for the Wal-Mart Super Center in Evans, Georgia on Washington Road! My boyfriend and I visited to cash a check at what they like to call “Customer Service”, in which is a bunch of bull, and to also spend $150 in groceries. To start off with we were shorted $100 […]

While paying for mine and my son’s sandwich at a local Subway, I noticed that the girl behind the counter reached into the bread oven, took out a loaf, cut off a piece, ate it, returned the loaf to the oven, and did so without plastic gloves. I was horrified. She had greasy hair, zits […]

On Wednesday, May 2nd, I bought a bag of lemons from my local Kroger store in Shepherdville, Kentucky at a cost of $3.79 a bag for 7-lemons. By Friday, May 4th, all of them were spoiled. They were kept in my refrigerator. I returned to the store on Saturday, May 5th, and was told they […]