I went into the Meijers store in Southgate, MI to get groceries and some toiletries. It’s the first time I had been in the store for a while and I became furious about the fact that the toiletries were moved to the other end of the store. The reason is blatantly obvious…you have to walk […]

I am totally disgusted with Meijer in Three Rivers, and will be happy when Walmart opens up because as far as I am concerned I will not trade there any more. I took back two shirts that my husband bought for me, and they did not fit me right, so I went to exchange them. […]

Here’s my Fast Food story: My brother and I went to the Arby’s, in Dearborn Heights, MI, a couple of months ago. When we pulled up to the drive-through speaker a girl requested us to place our order. I could already hear the attitude in her voice, so I began to wonder how I could […]

I usually have had very little trouble with WalMart stores, but yesterday made me really mad! My sister, husband and I went to the Gilroy, CA, Walmart – after having been shopping at other stores for hours buying Christmas gifts. I don’t expect great service or help at any stores anymore, so I won’t get […]

I was a shopper at the local Wal-Mart here in Tooele, Utah. Over the past 10 months I’ve lived here, I’ve been slowly getting more disgusted with their total lack of customer service. The other day I bought plants at Wal-Mart only to have the associate stand there and watch me load them into my […]

Meijer Cashier Preaches The Gospel A box of brownie mix rang up at $2.23 at the Lexington, KY store and I thought they were on sale, so I interruped the cashier and told her the brownies were supposed to be 4 for $5. She paused briefly then continued to scan my other items and put […]

I’m a hospital employee who works from 7:00pm unti 7:00 am a 12 hours shift. So, I normally do all of my shopping during the early morning hours. Well, that was my normal routine untl the other day during visit to the Meijer store located in Benton Harbor, MI. I work in Dowagiac, Michigan, which […]

So long as it doesn’t happen at Target! An angry shopper shares her story about one penny-pinching manager, who would rather risk a lawsuit, than replace a pair of shoes. While entering the Target store at Muncie, Indiana, my Mom, almost fell because her heel was unknowingly caught in a round hole in the entrance […]