I guess I should start at the beginning, when the hubby and I stopped in at Carl’s Jr. on Saturday the 26th we ordered four western bacon cheeseburgers and went home (15 miles) to eat with our son…

CompUSA Passes Off Used Goods As New Hi Annette, I just had a pretty bad experience with CompUSA (Concord, CA) that I would like to share. I went into the store and purchased a Sony Vaio S560P/B, of which they only had one left. As the salesperson was writing up the order he started to […]

Unsanitary Birds Flying Around The Boynton Beach, Florida Wal-Mart My daughter and I were shopping at the Boynton Beach, Florida Wal-Mart when suddenly we noticed birds were flying around the store, leaving droppings and eating the food directly from the shelves. We immediately contacted the manager (Megan) on duty. She did not bother to call […]

I really hope someone can help me. This past Thursday my husband and I were at our local Wal-Mart looking at laptops, mine is older and I just wanted to upgrade.    We saw a great deal on a HP Pavilion Laptop with 15.4″ screen, 3GB Ram etc. Great deal! The sign said Unbelievable Price […]

My disagreement is with Meijers in Michigan. On November 18 while shopping for vitamins I decided to purchase the much higher priced ones then I would have because the sign in front of them and other vitamins clearly said buy one get the second free. With the name of the vitamins clearly stated on the […]

I was shopping for linens at the Target store on Haskell Avenue, Dallas, Texas. I chose several items that were shelved directly behind a huge red “clearance” sign. Having been overcharged on sale items at this store before, I asked the checker to make sure the items scanned at the discounted price. They did not. […]

I was at Home Depot in Plymouth, MI this past Saturday night shopping for flooring. While shopping I found 7 cartons of laminate flooring all marked with green stickers for $3.77. I have shopped at Home Depot for years and have always known green stickers to be clearance/closeout items. Not thinking much of it I […]

Dear Retail Bandit, I went into Meijer’s last night and on the clearance shelf they had multiple items that were mark on the scan tab as reduced $0.00. I then read the big sign that said “Item will scan at clearance price.” I picked up a few items and proceeded to check it out on […]

We wanted to purchase some diet supplements at Meijer. The price marked on the box was $5.98 but the price rang up as $30.98. Apparently the manager went back and found that $30.98 was the sale price and that there was a sign in the area where we found the pills, but the packages were […]

I recently had a very bad experience with subway. I purchased a Turkey Breast Sub and took it back office only to end up choking on turkey feathers that had been processed into the meat. If that was not horrible enough, I went back to talk to the store manager, (my office is in the […]

Manager threatens to call police on customer attempting to return a DVD containing the wrong movie. I recently purchased a movie for my 5-year-old daughter at Wal-Mart. It was supposed to be but when I got home (about 20 min. away from Wal-Mart), it was an Avatar cartoon movie in the SpongeBob Squarepants case. I […]

This letter is to call your attention to a problem I encountered during a recent visit to your store. I took my Bulova wristwatch to your jewelry counter and requested a battery replacement.

Dear Retail Bandit, I was just reading through the information on your website regarding Meijer. I am the service manager at the Michigan City, Indiana location. I want every customer to know that when they shop in the Michigan City store that we want them to feel like a guest as if they are in […]

I have a very close friend who is a manager of a Walmart Super Store in south Florida. Listening to her stories about irate and disrespectful customers is a real listening experience. Here is my latest shopping experience. I purchased a DVD player. I asked several employees (not easy to find one) about the differences […]