Hi! I need to find out who do I complain to about a disservice to a disabled person. I took my brother to Wal-Mart with me on Monday, October 1st to do some shopping. My brother went outside to smoke a cigarette; he was with his worker, from the clinic he goes to for his […]

Hi. I was in the Mt. Pleasant, Michigan Meijers wishing to return my bottles and do some shopping. It was seven in the morning. I had about 70 crushed cans and politely asked the clerk who was wearing a red shirt for help as I could not get the machine to scan them. He called […]

An open letter to Brian Danner, Meijer Store manager. Mr. Brian Danner We have to stop meeting like this. This is my third or forth time I have been overcharged at the Allen Park Meijer store. I have written to you a couple of the times but I keep having the same problems. I was […]

Hi, I was unaware of this law until I had an overcharge happen to me at Meijer in Kalamazoo. I took my receipt and product to the returns desk and the girl there informed me of it as she refunded my overcharge and gave me an additional amount of money (I don’t recall the exact […]

 I purchased two lunch boxes for my ten year old and six year old at Meijer. There was a 10% yellow sign that stated “all other juvenile licensed lunch bags.” The price of each lunch box was $9.99. There were several different sizes, shapes, colors and different names of these lunch boxes, none of which […]

Just today, I went to Meijer and they had a hanging display of Kodak film 200 speed, 4 rolls for $5.96, however they were stamped with price of $6.18. I assumed they were on “sale”. They scanned at $6.18 and I took my receipt to the customer service area for a refund, plus the 10 […]

This is a huge rant for the Wal-Mart Super Center in Evans, Georgia on Washington Road! My boyfriend and I visited to cash a check at what they like to call “Customer Service”, in which is a bunch of bull, and to also spend $150 in groceries. To start off with we were shorted $100 […]

I was recently shopping at the Meijer store here in Battle Creek, Michigan and had picked up a toy for my son that was marked $5.99. I thought I was getting a great deal considering the size of the toy. When I went to purchase it, it scanned at $25.99. I thought that they had […]

I went into the Meijers store in Southgate, MI to get groceries and some toiletries. It’s the first time I had been in the store for a while and I became furious about the fact that the toiletries were moved to the other end of the store. The reason is blatantly obvious…you have to walk […]

On Feb 18,2007 at 9:35 in the morning I purchased a teakettle from Kohl’s Department Store in Newburgh, N.Y. When I returned home and opened the teapot. I noticed that it was pitted and chipped. Since I live in Middletown, N.Y. I went to the Middletown Kohl’s Customer Service Desk. I explained to the gentleman […]

Hello, Yes I am a man and I do believe that at least half the men in the US of A hate to shop at Wal-Mart. I’ve had several bad experiences with the store in Rincon, Georgia. It started before my wife passed away in 2002. The wheel chair — when someone finally found one […]

Here’s my Fast Food story: My brother and I went to the Arby’s, in Dearborn Heights, MI, a couple of months ago. When we pulled up to the drive-through speaker a girl requested us to place our order. I could already hear the attitude in her voice, so I began to wonder how I could […]

While filling my tank at a Meijer gas station here in Greenwood, IN, I proceeded to clean my windshield. After cleaning windshield, I discovered gas pouring out of my tank because the gas nozzle had stuck. The store manager told me it was my fault that their equipment malfunctioned. I must have pumped at least […]

I found your site after doing a search on “Michigan Scanner Law” because of the following run-in at Meijer. I was purchasing some Twizzler’s licorice. I noticed that about half of the bags were marked $1.46, the other half $1.66, the sign in front of the bags said $1.66. So I purchased one of each […]