Don’t you ever wonder how Walmart’s low prices and low wages translates into billions of dollars in profits? Every time you shop at their stores, you are making a decision, a vote of confidence in your food. ¬†You are what you eat, it sustains us and makes us healthy or sick. View image | […]

“Wendy’s has fish,” may not be news to you but to those of us deprived souls who live out in the sticks, where yes, we have McDonald’s, KFC, Taco Bell and Jack-in-Box — we just tried it out for the first time. Actually, I mean I had a fish sandwich from Wendy’s today. Their fish […]

My son got a job at McDonalds about 3-months-ago, he wanted to save money for the things he wanted, and one particular item was an Xbox 360. Well he finally had enough and yesterday we went to Wal-Mart to get his 360. He was so happy, his mother and I were so proud that he […]

Ok, so everyone knows that fast food isn’t the healthiest choice of food sources but being married to a fast-food-aholic, we do try to make good choices out of our limited options. Such was the case yesterday morning, when we ventured to Jack in the Box for a quick breakfast before we headed home and […]

New Website Reveals the Worst Practices of America’s Largest Companies Co-op America’s Responsible Shopper Web site features the latest “dirt” on more than 150 of America’s largest corporations and helps consumers shift their support to the most responsible companies. Co-op America launched its new Web site today to help consumers discover corporate America’s worst […]