I purchased two different and separate packages of Barbie outfits at Meijer recently and they were both marked $4.99 (with a price sticker) but scanned at $5.99. When the clerk rang them up, instead of ringing each one separately because they were, after all, different outfits with different bar codes, she rang them up as […]

The entire night I have been going through pages of Michigan Retail Law, trying to figure out what in the heck I am supposed to know about how things scan in the store. I work at Meijer, and would appreciate that my name and email aren’t included in this publicly. But, I can assure you, […]

Does the scanner law go far enough? I am diligent about checking my receipts and I have to tell you, it’s the rare occasion that I shop at a major grocery or department store and not find a mistake on my receipt. To be honest, sometimes the mistakes are in my favor, but not nearly […]

I have been shopping at Meijer in Coldwater, Michigan for the past six years. Our family purchases between $5,000 to $6,000 per year in groceries and merchandise at Meijer. Over six years, this amounts to approximately $34,200.00. Recently in December 2008 my purchases equaled $108.55. Paying by check, I was astounded and embarrassed because the […]

I have experienced this several times now with Meijers. I have filed a written complaint with the Michigan State Attorney Generals office previously, which I am doing again. I will also be contacting Represenatives in the Michigan Legislature, since they develop the legislation to produce these rules and regulations. I would think that new legislation […]

I hope this is for Meijer headquarters; I just spent $1,200.00 on turkeys for my company (on November 20, 2008).   When I went to pick them up they used a cart with boxes of turkeys and pushed it outside and went back in and closed the door, which locks automatically. The boxes weighed 60 […]

On a recent visit to Meijer I purchased a bag of potato chips, the price was not marked on the bag of chips, but on the shelving unit below. The price marked on the sticker was $2.50. However, when I checked out, the chips rang up at $2.99. I am in the habit of checking […]

Dear Retail Bandit, I went into Meijer’s last night and on the clearance shelf they had multiple items that were mark on the scan tab as reduced $0.00. I then read the big sign that said “Item will scan at clearance price.” I picked up a few items and proceeded to check it out on […]

Meijer employee takes customer services complaints personal. Hey I’m a Meijer employee myself, and all I’ve read was complete ignorance. For one I am 20 years old I make $7.40 an hour, and forced to pay ridiculous dues for our union. In the end I barely make enough money to make it to work let […]

West Carrollton, Ohio Meijer Store serving customers swamp water.   On February 1st around 7:00 p.m. I pulled into my local Meijer store in West Carrollton, Ohio. This is the same Meijer’s that I purchase gas at twice a week and go grocery shopping every weekend, spending a minimum of $150.00. I filled up my […]

Dear OTS; Regarding the Huber Heights, Ohio Meijer Store I was thrilled to find your website as my loathing of the snide, irresponsible management of Meijer has festered over the years. I refuse to shop them. However, (even in my absence) they continue to snub and urinate on my family, my neighbors, and me. When […]

In the past week I have had the occasion to visit my local Meijer (Avon, IN) twice. During each of those visits there have been issues that have caused me problems. On the first visit I was in need of snow salt. I asked 3 employees and got 3 different answers about where I could […]

I stopped shopping at Meijer for a long time because of the scams they run. I recently went back to shop at Meijer thinking I would pay better attention to the sale signs and find a price scanner, which are mounted though out the store, so I could check any unpriced item. Well, all of […]

Dear Retail Bandit, I was just reading through the information on your website regarding Meijer. I am the service manager at the Michigan City, Indiana location. I want every customer to know that when they shop in the Michigan City store that we want them to feel like a guest as if they are in […]