My name is mark, my wife works for Meijer (GR-MI) and they were doing a reslot on vacuums and put the old ones on clearance that are no longer on there plannogram. The vacuum’s (23) originally sold for around $200.00 and they put them on clearance with a sticker price of $29.99. She and follow […]

On a recent visit to Meijer I purchased a bag of potato chips, the price was not marked on the bag of chips, but on the shelving unit below. The price marked on the sticker was $2.50. However, when I checked out, the chips rang up at $2.99. I am in the habit of checking […]

Annette: I have been impressed reading info on your site but am also confused about the MI Bounty Scanning Law. I live in MI and recently stocked up on kid’s clothes that were on clearance at Kohl’s. The pants were marked $16.00 as the original price and had a $6.00 clearance sticker on them. A […]

Dear Annette, I am not aware of any law regarding this particular incident, but maybe you know of this practice. In my opinion, JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores is notorious for not honoring advertised prices, mismarking merchandise, and posting confusing signs. Every time I am shopping at JoAnn’s, the line is long, as someone is […]

Hello, I was wondering if you were still following “Wal-Mart’s over charging at the register”? I spend thousands of dollars a year at this giant’s store and never thought to go over receipt until recently — having our first child has changed all of that. I noticed they have charged me five different prices, each […]

The Meijer store on Hill Road in Flint, MI is where my problem starts and finishes. This Meijer store consistently puts items in a bin, marking the price on the bin $3.49. Then you buy the item and it rings up at $4.99. Each time I take the item to the customer service desk they […]

I’ve been reading your recounts as stated by Meijer customers who have had scanning errors, particularly the ones that apply to “sale” items. My question is this … Where does one start to attempt to change this scanning law to include items advertised (either by in-store circular or shelf sign) as on sale? I’ve tried […]

While shopping at the Canton, MI, Meijer store, I purchased 3 different 1/2 gallons of chocolate milk. One was sugar free, one low fat, and one was regular chocolate milk. All three rang up at 3.72. I did not pay attention, as a few weeks ago the chocolate milks were all $1.99. I know prices […]

Pleasanton, California Kohl’s Store We don’t have a Kohl’s Department Store in our area, so when I had an opportunity to check out a new store near Livermore, CA, I took it. Truth be told, there was nothing in the immediate area and I really had to use the restroom. Initially I had no intention […]

On July 7th, 2006 I went to buy a few things at Meijers. One of my items scanned wrong and I noticed this before getting into my car. I took the item and the sign for this item to the service counter. The price that was stamped on the package of the english muffins did […]

I just got back from Meijer. They have a new loop hole. I bought a bottle of hot sauce from the clearance rack. The price marked on the top of the bottle was $2.45. On the side was another clearance price tag, bright orange stating 25% off, along with a price tag of $1.84. When […]

Are you paying more? I am shopping for kitchen cabinets and have looked at Lowes and Home Depot. I am working with Home Depot. I went into Lowes again and checked the price and it was considerably less. The Home Depot price for the doors I want are $144.00 and $157.00. So today, I called […]

This is certainly an interesting website. I’m writing because I have been Meijer employee for eight and a half years and I have a few things I’d like to say. One of the things I have always wondered about, as an employee is this: What responsibility does a customer have to make sure that they […]