Today my husband shared a link on Facebook to an article posted on Web Host Industry Review that should send a chill up the spine of any business owner. TV Show Creators Sue Host, Say Data Center Worker Deleted Data According to a report appearing Thursday on PC World, the creators of a children’s TV […]

I purchased two different and separate packages of Barbie outfits at Meijer recently and they were both marked $4.99 (with a price sticker) but scanned at $5.99. When the clerk rang them up, instead of ringing each one separately because they were, after all, different outfits with different bar codes, she rang them up as […]

My E-Machine computer turned out to be a big lemon. My complaint is that it has taken over a month of phone calls.

Goodness gracious, Glad to read your Off The Shelf and glad to share a concern about one retailer, Abercrombie and Fitch. I personally find this store so ridiculous that I can hardly stand up for people who shop there. However, most of the customers are unsuspecting young people, who want so badly to look like […]

I have been shopping at Meijer in Coldwater, Michigan for the past six years. Our family purchases between $5,000 to $6,000 per year in groceries and merchandise at Meijer. Over six years, this amounts to approximately $34,200.00. Recently in December 2008 my purchases equaled $108.55. Paying by check, I was astounded and embarrassed because the […]

I just have a question… What is the period of timea store, such as J.C. Penney, is required to credit a sale price if I purchased an item several days before it went on sale and was not informed of the upcoming sale? Shouldn’t the store credit me the difference in the purchase price and […]

My name is mark, my wife works for Meijer (GR-MI) and they were doing a reslot on vacuums and put the old ones on clearance that are no longer on there plannogram. The vacuum’s (23) originally sold for around $200.00 and they put them on clearance with a sticker price of $29.99. She and follow […]

  My family was alarmed to find that when shopping at Kroger on November 25, 2008, canned salmon, with an expiration code dated for 03-04-07 still on the shelf. When we returned the cans for a refund. We watched them remove an entire cart full of cans which were dated for the year 2007. SHOCKING! […]

We wanted to purchase some diet supplements at Meijer. The price marked on the box was $5.98 but the price rang up as $30.98. Apparently the manager went back and found that $30.98 was the sale price and that there was a sign in the area where we found the pills, but the packages were […]

Last week I went to a Meijer’s on Pierson Road in Flint, MI and as I went to pay for my groceries with rolled quarters (5 rolls to be exact, they had my name, address, and phone number on each one) the cashier informed me that Meijer’s does not except rolled coins and that I […]

I was shopping at store #22 in Portage, MI, when I went to get some frozen items from the freezers there I found that the freezers were warm not cold. An employee stated to me that the freezers went down the day before and they had no idea when they would be operating again. This […]

Disabled Vet harassed, embarrassed and humiliated by Walmart employee who refused to relinquish an electronic shopping cart in Las Vegas, NV. My husband and I went to the Wal-Mart (store #1560) located at 6005 S. Eastern, Las Vegas, Nevada, at approximately 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, December 29, 2007, to do some shopping. I had a […]

Please! I am sick and tired of getting rude obnoxious customers. We are trained and told a smile and a pleasant greeting goes along way. Well a day doesn’t go by when some nasty person calls you stupid, or steps in your way intentionally like you don’t exist. It isn’t just me, we all sit […]

I’ve been reading your recounts as stated by Meijer customers who have had scanning errors, particularly the ones that apply to “sale” items. My question is this … Where does one start to attempt to change this scanning law to include items advertised (either by in-store circular or shelf sign) as on sale? I’ve tried […]