Dear Sprouts, I have to tell you, though it’s been days since our trip down to Sprouts in Modesto I am still very upset. I checked your website and NOWHERE could I find any information that you require shoppers to wear a mask. We drove all the way from Twain Harte to visit your store. Had we known about masks being required even for those with health conditions that prevent wearing face coverings we never would have made the trip. I just want to point a few things out to you…

I have a couple of granddaughters that I like to buy clothes for. Okay, I’ll tell the truth, I love buying clothes for all the kids. As a parent and grandparent it gives me a sense of joy to see well groomed children with clean smiling faces. I’m sure you’ve noticed your own children, strutting […]

Retail Bandit advocates are voting for stores with their feet and most importantly with their wallets. Retail competition can be pretty stiff in some areas, sure you might have to drive a little further and gas prices can’t come down fast enough, but without your support retailers won’t stay in business very long. Retail Bandit […]

I’m in the process of changing all my appliances over to stainless steel, in hopes they will be easier to keep looking nice. At least that’s the theory. My microwave looks like it’s survived a war, but it works like a champ. When we first got it, we overcooked everything. We called it “the microwave […]

Anyone my age (let’s just call us, the over 40 crowd) surely remembers Archway Cookies. I practically grew up eating them. You can imagine my surprise when I recently began seeing them in stores again. My husband has been faithfully checking every store in our area for my favorite — Chocolate Chip Ice Box Cookies […]

Annette do you have room for another one? My wife and I went to an Art Supply store in Madison Heights Michigan an hour ago. She was charged $1.06 more for a picture frame than the price marked on the bin of picture frames. I say this to make the distinction that the frame she […]

Retailers say scanner technology has several advantages: speeding checkout time, lowering labor costs, and improving sales and inventory records. They also say that scanning results in fewer pricing errors than manual entry.

I was at Home Depot in Plymouth, MI this past Saturday night shopping for flooring. While shopping I found 7 cartons of laminate flooring all marked with green stickers for $3.77. I have shopped at Home Depot for years and have always known green stickers to be clearance/closeout items. Not thinking much of it I […]

Just last night, I was shopping at Target in Shelby township, MI and I purchased a 2-pack of hooded baby towels with washcloths. When I went up to the check out, they rang up $10.99 but the tag on the shelf said $4.99. The cashier said that I would need to go to the Customer […]

I recently purchased a pack of VHS tapes from Target. The sale price posted on their shelf read $9.00. I was charged $10.49 at the register and noticed when I got to the car. I returned to the store and showed the customer service girl. She verified with their electronics department that there was indeed […]

Last week I went to a Meijer’s on Pierson Road in Flint, MI and as I went to pay for my groceries with rolled quarters (5 rolls to be exact, they had my name, address, and phone number on each one) the cashier informed me that Meijer’s does not except rolled coins and that I […]

Dear OTS; Regarding the Huber Heights, Ohio Meijer Store I was thrilled to find your website as my loathing of the snide, irresponsible management of Meijer has festered over the years. I refuse to shop them. However, (even in my absence) they continue to snub and urinate on my family, my neighbors, and me. When […]

Dear Annette, I am not aware of any law regarding this particular incident, but maybe you know of this practice. In my opinion, JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores is notorious for not honoring advertised prices, mismarking merchandise, and posting confusing signs. Every time I am shopping at JoAnn’s, the line is long, as someone is […]

I usually have had very little trouble with WalMart stores, but yesterday made me really mad! My sister, husband and I went to the Gilroy, CA, Walmart – after having been shopping at other stores for hours buying Christmas gifts. I don’t expect great service or help at any stores anymore, so I won’t get […]