My husband encouraged me to purchase the all-day pass to the Bayside Buffet at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, I was tempted. We chose instead to eat dinner our first night in Las Vegas in-house, and selected the Bayside Buffet because I love having a little bit of everything for a meal, so buffets are ideal.

Today my husband shared a link on Facebook to an article posted on Web Host Industry Review that should send a chill up the spine of any business owner. TV Show Creators Sue Host, Say Data Center Worker Deleted Data According to a report appearing Thursday on PC World, the creators of a children’s TV […]

General Motors CEO Ed Whitacre has bragged in TV commercials and newspaper columns that GM has paid back its bailout “in full and ahead of schedule.” httpv:// GM received $50 billion in TARP funds (never mind that TARP was only supposed to cover financial institutions). About $7 billion of that came in the form of […]

I was browsing for a address to the Wal-Mart Headquarters address so I can mail a complaint letter to them when I came across Off the Shelf (now Retail Bandit). I did not realize how many unhappy Wal-Mart consumers there are and you can add me to the list. I purchased an 18ft x 4ft Sun […]

Remember President Reagan’s Trickle Down Economics policy? It’s pretty plain to me that we are experiencing his mantra first-hand — except in reverse. The news is replete with reports of bankruptcy, foreclosures and unemployment. Tuolumne County only recently experienced the closure of our local Mervyns store. Last year they closed down Albertson’s with promises of […]

Browsing the new Meijer ad in the Sunday paper, I noticed Scott Toilet Tissue and another brand our household likes were both on sale for “½ price.” That’s a great buy! So Sunday afternoon, I make a trip there especially for that, but picking up a few other things I needed at the same time. […]

Dear Retail Bandit, I went into Meijer’s last night and on the clearance shelf they had multiple items that were mark on the scan tab as reduced $0.00. I then read the big sign that said “Item will scan at clearance price.” I picked up a few items and proceeded to check it out on […]

The Meijer store on Hill Road in Flint, MI is where my problem starts and finishes. This Meijer store consistently puts items in a bin, marking the price on the bin $3.49. Then you buy the item and it rings up at $4.99. Each time I take the item to the customer service desk they […]

Hi. I was in the Mt. Pleasant, Michigan Meijers wishing to return my bottles and do some shopping. It was seven in the morning. I had about 70 crushed cans and politely asked the clerk who was wearing a red shirt for help as I could not get the machine to scan them. He called […]

I recently moved to a small town, so small there is only one small convenience store in town. As part of my routine I stop at the store for small items I need on my way home from work. I have noticed that I have not been given a sales receipt for any of my […]

I was at Target and purchased some Jolly Ranchers that had a sign posted that they were on sale for $.99. After I had paid, I was looking at the receipt and noticed I was charged $1.69 for them. I let the check-out clerk know but she said I would have to go to customer […]

Is Meijer Paying new hires more than current employees? My nephew works at the Telegraph Road Meijer’s in Southfield, Michigan. He tells me that the store manager is hiring new employees for more than current employees are making. This doesn’t appear to be a way to develop a cohesive staff, eh? Suzanne Thompkins

I was wondering if you could help me out. I was reading the scanner reward complaints and I have one also, with need of an answer. I went to Meijer about a month ago and bought some pig ears for my dog. They were the ones from the meat department not the rawhide variety. I […]