Here’s my Fast Food story: My brother and I went to the Arby’s, in Dearborn Heights, MI, a couple of months ago. When we pulled up to the drive-through speaker a girl requested us to place our order. I could already hear the attitude in her voice, so I began to wonder how I could […]

I have been a loyal Wal-mart shopper for years. Recently I have changed my mind about shopping there. There has been a drastic change in customer service over the last couple of years. The Wal-mart I shop at has hired many Hispanic workers. They can barely speak English and are not able to understand a […]

While filling my tank at a Meijer gas station here in Greenwood, IN, I proceeded to clean my windshield. After cleaning windshield, I discovered gas pouring out of my tank because the gas nozzle had stuck. The store manager told me it was my fault that their equipment malfunctioned. I must have pumped at least […]

Went to the┬áBessemer, Alabama, Wal-Mart yesterday with my shopping list. I needed a set of Christmas Bubble Lights, snow drape with silver sparkles (which I’ve always been able to purchase there) and a Sterilite Container (like a file box) which they’ve always carried. Also on my list was silver Christmas balls. The only thing on […]

I found your site after doing a search on “Michigan Scanner Law” because of the following run-in at Meijer. I was purchasing some Twizzler’s licorice. I noticed that about half of the bags were marked $1.46, the other half $1.66, the sign in front of the bags said $1.66. So I purchased one of each […]

I was a shopper at the local Wal-Mart here in Tooele, Utah. Over the past 10 months I’ve lived here, I’ve been slowly getting more disgusted with their total lack of customer service. The other day I bought plants at Wal-Mart only to have the associate stand there and watch me load them into my […]

How to appease the clerk at your store. After reading several articles about poor retail experiences, I felt the need to share several things on the subject. Before I begin, some background is in order. I have two years experience in retail, one at a franchise pizza restaurant, and another year at a major chain […]

Glenville, New York Walmart My husband and I went to Walmart on Sunday to purchase a new vacuum, and in the process we filled a grocery cart. We went to the vacuum section looked at all the vacuums and decided upon the Bissell Powerforce 12 Amp Vac, it had a sign above, which read “Bissell […]

I am a stay at home mom and I am out shopping or online all the time-just ask my husband who pays all the bills. Normally, most associates I encounter during the days are very nice and polite. I have never complained to a store manager until recently. Back on June 21 while shopping in […]

I just happened to run across your web site while looking for the Corporate Offices of Meijer. I have an experience I want to share with you. While shopping at Meijer, I purchased a 24-bottle case of Aquafina water. There was a “hand written” sign above the water. Written on the same style paper as […]

ARRRHHHH! I have had enough of this Meijer crap and I’m prepared to fight back. I’m damn sick of them picking my pockets while I’m in their stores; from now on it’s urine in the returned cans; tacks dipped in dung for the managers coffee break rest area benches; strings across the isles and tied […]

Like others have stated; once the giant comes in and all others go out, the quality falls. At the Rayville, Louisiana store, the employees are rude and unhelpful. To mention every rudeness would take forever. I have complained to the store manager and nothing is done. The problem I have is that the employees, besides […]

I bought a stereo for my car yesterday from Meijer. It was clearly marked $29 yet it rang up at $69. I proceeded to the service desk for the difference and the Michigan wrong scan reward. They told me “sorry we can’t sell it to you for less than the cost they paid for it,” […]