I actually need help on this. Meijer refused to give me a rain check on an item for their Thanksgiving Day Ad. However, the only thing listed for the item, was a limit of 2. Nothing about a limited quantity or no rain checks. Other items had this written, but this didn’t. I know they […]

I live in Texas. Many times the price listed on the shelf for an item is not the price at check out. In Texas we have a Deceptive Trade Practice law that protects consumers. The advertised price IS what the store must charge otherwise they are subject to being sued for three times the amount […]

Goodness gracious, Glad to read your Off The Shelf and glad to share a concern about one retailer, Abercrombie and Fitch. I personally find this store so ridiculous that I can hardly stand up for people who shop there. However, most of the customers are unsuspecting young people, who want so badly to look like […]

Annette do you have room for another one? My wife and I went to an Art Supply store in Madison Heights Michigan an hour ago. She was charged $1.06 more for a picture frame than the price marked on the bin of picture frames. I say this to make the distinction that the frame she […]

I purchased 4-curtain panels at a Wal-mart Store in Overland Park, KS for $8.00 each. 2-days later while in Oklahoma City, I attempted to purchase additional curtain panels — the exact same but the OKC Wal-mart was charging $16.94 per panel, over 100% increase. I had my receipt from the Kansas store and spoke with 4-different […]

I just have a question… What is the period of timea store, such as J.C. Penney, is required to credit a sale price if I purchased an item several days before it went on sale and was not informed of the upcoming sale? Shouldn’t the store credit me the difference in the purchase price and […]

Black Friday – Post Thanksgiving Day Sale Shopping Frenzy In this section we discuss “Black Friday” shopping experiences. Some who participated in the post Thanksgiving Day buying frenzy last year got more than they bargained for. Meijer Shopper Detained by Greeter Okay, Annette are you ready for this one? I am a regular shopper of […]

I really hope someone can help me. This past Thursday my husband and I were at our local Wal-Mart looking at laptops, mine is older and I just wanted to upgrade.    We saw a great deal on a HP Pavilion Laptop with 15.4″ screen, 3GB Ram etc. Great deal! The sign said Unbelievable Price […]

My name is mark, my wife works for Meijer (GR-MI) and they were doing a reslot on vacuums and put the old ones on clearance that are no longer on there plannogram. The vacuum’s (23) originally sold for around $200.00 and they put them on clearance with a sticker price of $29.99. She and follow […]

I was shopping for linens at the Target store on Haskell Avenue, Dallas, Texas. I chose several items that were shelved directly behind a huge red “clearance” sign. Having been overcharged on sale items at this store before, I asked the checker to make sure the items scanned at the discounted price. They did not. […]

We wanted to purchase some diet supplements at Meijer. The price marked on the box was $5.98 but the price rang up as $30.98. Apparently the manager went back and found that $30.98 was the sale price and that there was a sign in the area where we found the pills, but the packages were […]

Michigan Store clerk refunded entire purchase price, instead of bounty… I recently purchased a craft item that was ticketed at $3.99. After leaving the store on my way to my car, I noticed that the sales receipt showed I was charged $4.99. So, I went back into the craft store and requested my refunded difference […]

I recently purchased a pack of VHS tapes from Target. The sale price posted on their shelf read $9.00. I was charged $10.49 at the register and noticed when I got to the car. I returned to the store and showed the customer service girl. She verified with their electronics department that there was indeed […]

Annette: I have been impressed reading info on your site but am also confused about the MI Bounty Scanning Law. I live in MI and recently stocked up on kid’s clothes that were on clearance at Kohl’s. The pants were marked $16.00 as the original price and had a $6.00 clearance sticker on them. A […]