I recently purchased a CD/DVD holder at Target. When I it got home I looked at it and discovered it was priced at $1.99. When I checked my receipt I was charged $11.99. So, I returned it to the store. The cashier said that the tag was incorrect and they would not sell me the […]

Just yesterday, I was charged the regular price for a pillow at Meijer even though the Sunday ad showed it was on sale for eight dollars less. Fortunately, I saw the twenty dollar item simply listed as “Counts” at the top of the receipt. When I called Meijer a few minutes ago, they simply said […]

I am hopping angry at Wal-mart in Oregon. I returned two items that I had purchased and lost the receipt to. The tags were still on the items and had never been removed. One item was on sale for $7.00 and that is what I paid for it, however it was on sale now for […]

Kroger overcharges customer $40.70 for nothing… Both my husband and myself shop at Kroger’s at least 3 times a week. I do the major large shopping list, which usually totals over $100.00. My husband just picks up odds and ends needed during the week. Last week I noticed upon returning home my receipt was rather […]

I recently shopped during one of Kohl’s big sales and purchased an infant outfit from Carter’s that was priced $15.00. The sign above the Carter’s clothing said all Carter’s infant were 55% off. Well, when I got home I noticed that the $15.00 outfit rang up for $8.99, not the $6.75 that the 55% off […]

I’d just like to post a warning for those shopping at Meijer in Three Rivers, Michigan. It seems that in some areas of the store they like to post the sale signs above the sale items and in some areas they post them below the sale items. I worked in retail for many years and […]

Pleasanton, California Kohl’s Store We don’t have a Kohl’s Department Store in our area, so when I had an opportunity to check out a new store near Livermore, CA, I took it. Truth be told, there was nothing in the immediate area and I really had to use the restroom. Initially I had no intention […]

Meijer Cashier Preaches The Gospel A box of brownie mix rang up at $2.23 at the Lexington, KY store and I thought they were on sale, so I interruped the cashier and told her the brownies were supposed to be 4 for $5. She paused briefly then continued to scan my other items and put […]

Diana in Dearborn Heights writes: The Meijer sale this week shows Kid’s Cuisine 10 for 10 & get the 11th one FREE. On 2 seperate occasions I went to Meijer to get the Kid’s Cuisine and both times the 11th meal did not ring up FREE. I went to the customer service desk and was […]

CompUSA Consumer Issues In this section we discuss advertising laws and how they help to protect consumers as well as a lesson in how to purchase a good hard drive. My story is a little different. I work for CompUSA in Michigan. This week we had a 12-hour sale with extended hours on Sunday. The […]