Has the food craze hit your family? Our family has been spending more time in the kitchen than ever before. From baking homemade breads and pizzas to dehydrating chicken for the dog to eat, we are really enjoying the time spent and since we are careful what we buy and prepare many of the foods from scratch, we’re eating healthier. Something I can feel good about.

We bought two Dr. Heater USA units. We thought it was a good deal since they were half the price of Eden Pure. About 6-months after we purchased the units, one of them started acting up. It just wouldn’t stay on and every once in while it would get really loud.

We did our homework and shopped around our local area. We checked online to see what was available, we compared prices and quality, until we finally found what we were looking for. We try to shop locally as often as we can, to support our locally owned businesses. It helps keep our money, in our community. We stopped in to shop…

Our family firmly believes in buying local and for most of the year we do. We know where to shop to stretch our money as far as we can and still eat good wholesome food. We would love to be able to say that we buy only organic, locally grown fruits and vegetables, but we can’t. We’ve been forced to cut back on the luxury of being able to eat healthy, nutritious foods and are forced to succumb to eating some GMO foods.

Costco offers an incredible deal on zt Systems intel Core i7, sporting 12GB of memory and a 2.0 TB hard drive. The system is dual monitor capable, out of the box. On the surface, the system appears to deliver on all levels: The ZT Affinity 7625Mi Desktop PC features the 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i7-2600 […]

Have you noticed that grocery shopping is getting to be more and more of a challenge and it seems to be taking longer and longer to get it done. For instance, have you been to the packaged meat section recently? I can’t believe how long it took us to select packaged lunch-meats, it was simply […]

I have a couple of granddaughters that I like to buy clothes for. Okay, I’ll tell the truth, I love buying clothes for all the kids. As a parent and grandparent it gives me a sense of joy to see well groomed children with clean smiling faces. I’m sure you’ve noticed your own children, strutting […]

Retail Bandit advocates are voting for stores with their feet and most importantly with their wallets. Retail competition can be pretty stiff in some areas, sure you might have to drive a little further and gas prices can’t come down fast enough, but without your support retailers won’t stay in business very long. Retail Bandit […]

I attempted to use a Santa Buck to discount the purchase of a $100.00 T-Mobile prepaid phone card. The checkout attendant was unsuccessful in his attempts to run the Santa Buck for it, and agreed that there is NO disclaimer printed on the coupon that would indicate that it could not be used toward the […]

Trusting, loyal, Amazon shoppers might think twice about ordering from the online store giant after current changes hide “special” pricing. As one of those loyal customers, who prefers the ease of free shipping — rather than braving the local brick and mortar store fronts. I have had only one bad experience with Amazon and I have learned my lesson: […]

No, I haven’t forgotten about Retail Bandit, I’ve just been spending too much time on updating a few of my other websites. I’ll try to be better. I do have some good news for those with an interest in the whole GMO issue. The new Weston A. Price Chapter on the San Juan Ridge will hold […]

Have you ever wondered if the products in those to-good-to-be-true ads are for real? After all, some of their claims are rather pie-in-the-sky like. I decided to try a few products that I’ve seen advertised recently. At my local Rite-Aid I picked up a bottle of “Heel Tastic.” My heels are always cracked and bleeding. I’ve […]

You know I simply love the crisp fall weather; it’s all that is entailed in preparation for winter that I detest. Fall means it’s time to put away our summer clothes and pull our warm winter woolies out of storage. It’s like reconnecting with old friends. I found clothing I had forgotten I owned. We’ll save […]

I’m in the process of changing all my appliances over to stainless steel, in hopes they will be easier to keep looking nice. At least that’s the theory. My microwave looks like it’s survived a war, but it works like a champ. When we first got it, we overcooked everything. We called it “the microwave […]